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Re: Choose Your Own Veridis

Postby Dumanum » Thu Oct 04, 2018 10:03 pm

"I hear much sense being spoken today! I am in agreement with you, my friends," Jose nods amicably, "A new army will benefit us all, weaning us from the colonial teat...providing jobs to those that need them...providing business for those of us who have just opened a new textile mill..."

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Re: Choose Your Own Veridis

Postby Questers » Fri Oct 05, 2018 4:09 pm

"Yes, establish the Guard," Jorge agreed. "One day the Metropole will not be here to tell us what to do, and if we wait until then to build an Army, we will have waited too late." He wagged a finger. "Better late than never. And better than late - now!"
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Re: Choose Your Own Veridis

Postby flm » Wed Oct 17, 2018 4:48 pm

Voting result:
1) Intervention: 0
2) Form our own army: ,5 Raul Garcia Alvarez (Preston), Santiago Almeida (Ian), Juan Costa Del Osvisto (Srf), José Maria Garcia Alvaréz de la Mano (Dum), Jorge (Mat)
3) Ignore the issue: 0

Forming our own army- Roll 5d10: avg 6.4
Situation in Zaruma - Roll 5d10: avg 3.6

Disaster. Within a month Toquelén has completely fallen to the rebels. Small elements of the Colonial Legion and police have abandoned the mountainous hinterland region and are in full withdrawal towards the capital. The "Zarumian Peasant's Confederation" has emerged as the largest faction within the rebel forces, although they merely seem to form the first minority. Relatively well organized, the ZPC is demanding better standards for workers along Plazalista ideals, and has taken upon itself to implement improved working conditions if the colonial government will not.

Four months later, large amounts of the colony have been completely overrun. Either to the ZPC, to other rebels, or upon the flight of the police to the capital, have merely degenerated into widespread banditry. As seemingly nine-tenths of the colony is left to fend for itself, the remaining combat-effective loyal elements of the Colonial Legion (some 5,000 men) are entrenched around Coimbra and the colony's notable citizenry, with the general staff seemingly paralyzed by the situation. The central government, in far-off Flamaguay, has given little attention to the matter, and when treating it, has become completely bogged down in dense debate.

Meanwhile, the Tirsanechó government has taken the first step to prevent a full on outbreak of pearl-clutching among its own prosperous elements. It has called for the rapid formation of a Colonial Guard to serve as a standing professional military force in service of the colony, operating directly under the local authority rather than depending from the Flamaguayan armed forces. It has decreed the formation of 2 regiments of infantry, 1 regiment of cavalry, 1 squadron composed of armoured cars, and 2 batteries of artillery, each one attached to an infantry regiment. The core of all formations has been drawn from Great War and police duty veterans. With a paper strength of about 12,000 men including logistical and support units, at the moment only one regiment of infantry (with accompanying guns) and the armoured car squadron is ready for service. Other units are still undergoing training or awaiting equipment.

Year: Mid-1930

Colonial Confederation of Tirsanechó
Population: 1.43 million
Capital: Bray Fentos (pop: 115,000)

Economy: poor
Economy per capita: very poor
Infrastructure: Port of Bray Fentos (small loading facilities)
Primary sector: plantation farming, fishing, minimal mining
Secondary sector: minimal production, no substantial factories
Tertiary sector: minimal commerce and banking

Political system: limited-franchise colonial assembly
Political autonomy: limited, excludes foreign policy, commercial standards, or armed forces
Law & order: Enforced in the greater Bray Fentos area. Colonial law enforcement deployed in district capitals.
Political groups: "Farmhands' League" - led by Palito Choquehuanca (membership: very low).

Flamaguyan opinion of the Colonial government:
Adm. Colihue's opinion: mildly negative

Colonial State Budget: Very Low
Colonial State fiscal reserves: Almost none
Colonial State debt: None

Military: 2 regiments infantry, 1 regiment cavalry, 1 squadron armoured cars, 2 batteries of arty.

Situation 4: Zaruma in peril pt.2

The situation is dire, and there is not much room for debate. Two main issues need to be resolved, will Tirasenchó react to the crisis in Zaruma, and if it does react, how will it do so:

1) Now is the time for intervention: Mobilize the 1st infantry regiment and the armoured car squadron now. If we do not act quickly then Coimbra itself may fall. Perhaps in the future we could send more troops if the situation still needs it.
2) The longer we wait, the more troops we can send. Intervene in force, wait to deploy the entire force in one go. Coimbra has not fallen, and the Zaruman government sits behind a trench network, the city will not fall in a matter of weeks. An extra couple of months will ensure a decisive intervention.
3) Not Tirasenchó, not our problem.

a) Ask Admiral Colihue for help: he can quickly and safely ship our troops to Zaruma, furthermore, it won't cost a penny. We can be in Coimbra within a week.
b) Charter our own shipping to Coimbra, this will take longer and the money for the shipping will have to come out of the colonial budget. We will, however, carry out the whole operation as a Veridian affair.
c) March overland. This will take the longest by far, but by moving up near the coast we can make reasonable time. Invasion from the south would throw any rebel forces into further disarray and take considerable pressure off the capital.

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Re: Choose Your Own Veridis

Postby Dumanum » Wed Oct 17, 2018 5:44 pm

"Surely a single regiment will not tip the scales, if the entire Zavalan army was forced to retreat by these upstarts," says a noticeably better-dressed-than-six-months-ago José Maria Garcia Alvaréz de la Mano. "We mobilize our entire army, crush them decisively. If Coimbra still stands by the time our troops are ready, we go nag the admiral for his precious boats to ferry our men over- after all, our tax dollars bought them," he nods to himself, seemingly satisfied by his own logic. "If Coimbra has fallen by then, we walk. No use hurrying at that point, no?"

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Re: Choose Your Own Veridis

Postby North Point » Tue Oct 23, 2018 3:17 am

"Once again we are asked to help the pinche gringos in Zaruma!" bellows Almeida, already six rum punches deep. "We must not intervene! Would these scum come to our aid if we were attacked? I think not!"

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Re: Choose Your Own Veridis

Postby Srf » Wed Oct 24, 2018 8:50 am

"This has become quite the situation, indeed..." Juan Costa del Osvisto sighs, leaning heavily on his polished mahogany cane as he makes his way back from the restroom. "And you can trust me on that, gentlemen, I was there..."

His eyes rest briefly on his legs. Elegant linen pants conceal a gaping hole in his shin where most of the muscle has been shot away by a Zamurian bullet. He adjusts his eyepatch, sweeps the now-cropped blonde hair from his forehead and eases himself into one of the lounge chairs. It was extremely sumptuous in his youth. Now, like many things in the colony, it was showing its age.

"I find myself agreeing with Senor Alvaréz... If we are to support Coimbra it cannot be a half-hearted measure. We can wait for our forces to be marshalled and that Puta del Madre Colihue can ferry us there. I must say gentlemen that I do not have high hopes for this intervention... It may well be that this fine establishment is bursting with Zamurian gentry in a few months' time".

He lit a cigar and coughed.

"I hope someone is keeping an eye on Choquehuanca..."

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