Radovan walks again

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Radovan walks again

Postby Quiberon » Tue Apr 09, 2019 5:45 am

April, 2019

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The Questarian Mutiny ended five years ago, but the Commonwealth faces resurgent powers in all parts of the world. In Crataea, an All-Under-Heaven Realm of Great Peace wages ideological war, and Dumanum creates a rival empire. In Wallasea, a new union of states threatens its position in the Oryontic.

In these circumstances, the small country of Cockaygne ought to be no Praetannic’s business. You should read this closely.

Cockaygne was originally Prekovar land, dating from the early 9th century BC. It was tread on by Radovan who established the town of Muckclog (orig. Radovanskargrad) with a group of his followers. Everyone involved was an Oswinite, and effective 2019, all were confirmed to be Prekovar.

In these circumstances, it’s no wonder that the existence of Cockaygne is controversial in Prekovy. This is a cultural issue and it’s one for Wallaseans to figure out for themselves.

Stay out of this one, because it’s clear the rest of the Commonwealth won’t help you. Questers is weakened, outnumbered on all fronts, and cannot divide its forces, which are very weak. North Point is settling back into its easy decadent lifestyle.

Prekovy has a meeting with destiny. No one has forgotten the 19th century and what you did to us. We cannot let you tip the balance against us in the coming war with the south.

I know that our troops are marching because we’re going to take Radovanskargrad. My brother is in the EMILIA Division and they are moving quickly south he tells me. I cannot get out much now because of my disability but he is a trustworthy man.

Good luck to our brave men and heroes of Prekovy. Radovan walks again!

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Re: Radovan walks again

Postby Praetonia » Wed Apr 10, 2019 5:56 am

Telephones rang and papers flew. Men came to and fro, in uniform, in civilian dress, in a slap-dash mix of both. Prekovy is on the move. War is in the air. War at last.

Fox's dining room table had become a headquarters. More so than usual. Charts and maps adorned the walls of the kitchen while his wife, apron-clad, absent-mindedly fussed over the staff officers who dropped in and out with messages, equipment, or just an encouraging word. Senland may still be asleep, but her officer class was awake. None of them had had much enthusiasm for Questers. It had to be done, but only cads like Smyth and Marbury had really enjoyed it. Smyth was not even from Haversham, and his family were known reprobates since generations past. So what should one expect?

Sonic booms cracked overhead. Fighters? Everyone assumed so. Who really knew, but fighters matched the spirit of the day, so let it be fighters. The Navy had its own plans, but the Eastern Association is Providence. This secret world within a secret world was mobilising, stretching every spring it possessed storing every last ounce of force ready to be released. And if things should be as their hidden eyes believed, they would soon release it with joy. In the minds of most, it hardly mattered what was really happening. If a collective delusion is necessary to make this the time, then so be it. Now is the time.


The pilots laughed as they twisted and turned far above Senland. This was a game, they thought. It was real, they had been told. But they did not know what reality was. Except their leader, they were too young for the Great Mutiny, and their aircraft had not yet been built. Replacement Programme to the core. Far off, the carrier Bewford waited, ready to pounce with her experienced air group on anyone who attacked them. They had not been told that. They would not fly far over Cockaygne. Even in the case of war, any attack was unlikely. But they would fly beyond the Channel, and over Cockaygne; however distant, they would see the land borders of the Commonwealth with their own eyes.

Beneath them, Cockaygne folk scurried in the tiny towns and city. Were they us, or were they aliens? Most of them had never given it any thought. But today, it is did not much matter. On the horizon, already, was Prekovy. It was not a welcome sight. No one knew, yet, what it actually looked like, but it was not a welcome sight.


Keep Faith was dived. Her Captain had assembled the crew.

"Men, it is possible that, soon, nothing much will happen. And, if that is the case, I am confident that you will not be very much bothered by it at all.

"That is all I expect of any of you: whatever happens, do not be much bothered by it at all. It is of little importance, in the end. And if something happens, do not be bothered by that either.

"It is possible that we will all soon meet whatever end Providence has in store for us. If that is the case, then so be it. That is the way of the world."

It wasn't a speech that would have gone down well with many. In Senland, perhaps, it would go down well with most. But even in Questers, one would be wary of saying such things. The crew of Keep Faith nodded their agreement.

A crowd had begun to gather at the gates of Lilburne House. Why? No one could quite say. They had their own sources of information, but that was their secret, and they had simply been passing. A great many had simply been passing.

"Now is the time," he was a man of few words.

Even for the Protector, it was rare to meet the Head of the Permanent Strategic Establishment in person. She tried not to let it show.

She turned away from him and bowed her head slightly, as if in prayer.

"The Commonwealth will surely meet this challenge with success, as it always has."
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