The Tragedy

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The Tragedy

Postby Questers » Thu Aug 01, 2019 1:12 pm

Part One - May to November 1982

Hakara is a fake country. By arrangement in 1906, in order to collect their strength against their warring neighbours, the Kingdom of Parsawastan and the Kingdom of Mazarastan agreed to form a dual monarchy and to call their country Hakara, an ancient city which the Horde had looted and burned to the ground when it passed through this fertile land in 1549.

In order to appease the rising sense of ethnic nationalism in both countries, the new constitution banned admixture between Parsiwanis and Mazarans. Their schools were separated. They would forever be one country, two people. Its Parliament was appointed by the census, in proportion to the population of each race and where they lived. It would prove to be a fatal decision.

Over the years, the Parliament swung back and forth between two ethnic parties catering to the needs of their race. As the numbers of each race climbed and fell, and the ethnic makeup of each constituency ebbed and flowed, new governments were formed with one, and only one intention: to take from one race and give to another. The Mazarans lived in the highlands, and the Parsawanis in the lowlands; so when the government gave the Mazaran coffee farmers in the north subsidies, the Parsawanis went north to grow coffee; and when the government stripped these subsidies, and instead gave subsidies to lowland Parsawani fish farmers, the Mazarans came south, to farm fish.

They were two people of the same Pantheon, but still they held their festival separate, and their priests told their children that the other race was a punishment from the gods for their lack of piety.

Amongst them all were the God Worshippers. Having taken absolute control of their country in 1930, the Taihei Enlightment Assistance Society decided to spread their religion to Hakara too.

At first, it took root amongst the few people who had defied the law and married inter-racially. Then it took hold of their children; and then it took hold of their extended families; and then it took hold of their communities. By 1975, one tenth of Hakara Worshipped God.

‘When the government gives us nothing,’ one tribal leader wrote in 1972, ‘our Brothers send us rice. When the government sends its police to take our rice, our Brothers send us guns.’

The sending of guns was not confined to Hakara. In the north, a deadly war had broken out in Uiri, threatening the Sharfic Aimagate. The Oki Dar, armed eschatologists hoping to bring about the dissolution of the universe, conquered Uiri and invited the Sharfic armed forces to expel them. Their invitation was accepted.

In an effort to ensure that a remilitarized Sharfland did not bring Hakara into its influence, a clique of Taihei generals and extremist Yojin engineered a daring plan. On 10th May 1982, with the monsoon in full pour, Taihei commandos assassinated King Tursun III. Everywhere in Hakara, their agents, and God Worshipper militia, secretly armed throughout the winter of 1981, rose up against the security forces and the police. Within two weeks, only the major cities and towns were still in government hands. All order had disappeared from the countryside.

God Worshippers filled some of the vacuum, but they couldn’t impose themselves everywhere. Here and there, Mazaran and Parsawani ultranationalists established their own local governments. In Dashan, the capital, Tursun’s son Raman wrote to the only country that could help him: Questers. He begged for help, but the monsoon had flooded the northern valleys. Wait, the answer came. Hold on until November.

Raman had rice and he had bullets, so he held on to the cities, but Hakara was a rural country, and in the countryside, he had lost all power. ‘I have no idea what is happening outside the walls of Dashan,’ he told the Questarian ambassador in June.

‘You don’t want to know,’ he answered.

Then, as they do every year, the rains cleared up – and the Questarians came.
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