The world according to...

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Re: The world according to...

Postby Questers » Fri Nov 25, 2016 4:43 pm

This Document is to Certify that;

I, John Smith, of 1, Baker Street, Jesselton, born 25th of November in the Year of our Lord Nineteen hundred and Ninety-nine;

Did solemnly pledge, under witness of an Officer of the Tentera and one other person, and in the presence of my peers, to present myself for military service in the event that the military authority calls its forces to General Array.

And that I did further pledge my life and body in the service of the Tentera, where it is Lawful to do so, for a period of twenty eight months including general and further training.

And that I have read the Articles of War of the Malayan Federation, and become acquainted with them.

And that I took this pledge not before the age of seventeen, with full competency of mind.

And that I took this pledge with the full understanding that it shall bind me for a period not less than, and not more than, twenty years.

I confirm that I have received in cash five Ounces of silver, and I acknowledge that presentation of this document to a military office once per year shall entitle me to receive two Ounces of silver once per year. I confirm that if I perish in the field from having contact with the enemy, my next of kin may present this document with my military death certificate to a military office and receive compensation of five Pounds of silver.

Finally I confirm that I understand that in the course of military service, I may have to engage with the enemy and kill them, with Rifle, Pike or Sabre, and that any conscientious objection I may develop in the course of my life shall not render me liable to evade service, upon having put my signature unto this document.

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Re: The world according to...

Postby Praetonia » Wed Jan 18, 2017 9:58 pm

Senland Awake!
Commonwealth patriotic song and anthem of the Eastern Association
Anon, 1687 (Glorious Revolution)


Senland awake! Senland awake!
Banners and arms raise high - Senland awake!
Go forth to do or die, shouting our battle cry,
Our voice that speaks no lie: Victory or death!
God mark us every one: Victory or death!

Lord God awake! Lord God awake!
Our trust in peace and war - Lord God awake!
Strike now for truth and Law, fill heathen heart with awe,
Your might around us draw: Justice prevail!
Suffer not wrong to pass: Justice prevail!

Mankind awake! Mankind awake!
Right's is the victory - mankind awake!
God's Kingdom come to be, wrongdoers bend the knee,
Spread over every sea: Truth overcome!
On earth one Law enthrone: Truth overcome!
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