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TePL in...

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TePL in Sharfland

What is TePL?
TePL is the practice of Teaching Praetannic Language, almost always to foreigners and almost always in another country.

How do I become a TePL teacher?
Preferably, Praetannic should be your first (mother) language, although some countries will accept non-native speakers with a very strong grasp of Praetannic. Apart from this, you should at the very least have a TePL certificate (such as the TePL-link.com TePL Entry Certificate). Some countries require degrees, either in a relevant subject or in anything.

Is it easy to get a TePL job in Sharfland?
Yes! Sharfland is hungry for more Praetannic skills to contribute to its development after its long civil war. TePL jobs in Sharfland are mainly located in the big cities - Vorga, Kodonseng, Shiran and the wealthy coastal cities.

What TePL jobs are available in Sharfland?
A lot of language centers hire all year round and are the most popular TePL job. Universities, state schools and international schools also employ a lot of TePL teachers but typically hire only in the pre-semester holidays.

What are the requirements for being a TePL teacher in Sharfland?
Sharfland requires a degree in any subject from a Praetannic language university or degree program, but it is a very relaxed law and many teachers simply enter on tourist visas. Language centers vary from no requirements to advanced TePL certificates. Universities and state schools require at least a TePL certificate. International schools require either a lot of experience or an advanced degree in TePL.

What are the visa rules in Sharfland?
Officially your employer should purchase an Alien Working Visa (AWV) on your behalf, valid for one year (the length of your contract in most cases). In practice, a lot of teachers work under the table on six month tourist visas with a quick hop to Tairendia or Uiri biannually to renew it.

What are the salaries for TePL jobs in Sharfland?
An entry-level teacher can expect to earn around 1000 Kora per teaching hour at a language center (83 Kora = 1 Universal Standard Dollar), however you will not be compensated for prep time. Schools and universities are salaried - expect around 85,000 Kora per month at a university or state school, and 12,000 Kora per month or above at an international school. While relatively low amounts, the minute cost of living should still enable you to save a few hundred dollars every month for back home.

What is the workload like in Sharfland?
In language centers there is a lot of work! Apart from your contact hours, you have to also do unpaid marking and preparation for each class, and may sometimes be asked by the director to help in other tasks such as advertising. You can easily end up working 40 hours a week with only 25 contact hours in your first few months, but you will quickly learn how to streamline your work. In universities and state/international schools, the fact you are salaried makes it much easier to manage your time, with only 10 to 20 contact hours per week.

What are the students like in Sharfland?
Children are usually well-behaved, having been brought up to fear authority. In the language centers, classes are usually on the smaller side, with around 6 to 10 pupils per class. You will have a real mix of old and young, men and women, professionals and students. In state schools you will have a harder time, with up to 40 young children in the classroom with you at any one time, and they can be rowdy. Numbers in university are similar but the students do not need to be controlled. International students are a real mix, and you could find yourself working with quiet studious Songians or loud, brash Dumani bullies.

What benefits to TePL teachers get in Sharfland?
As a poor country Sharfland has relatively few benefits. In Vorga and Kodonseng at least you will usually be offered furnished accommodation, or a slight pay increase to find your own place.
There are fifteen public holidays in Sharfland every year, and you are guaranteed to have these off. Schools also give at least five days' vacation every year, and if working in a school you will receive several months' paid holiday in line with the academic year. You won't have such large holidays in a language center, but will usually receive a nice bonus when your students complete a course.
Employers will also offer you health insurance, but it is virtually worthless. You will have to pay up for a more comprehensive package that covers medical evacuation to Tairendia or the Praetonian health tourism hospital in neighboring Freiburg.

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