March on, boys!

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March on, boys!

Postby Praetonia » Mon Oct 10, 2016 9:21 pm



On the occasion of your victory in the Questarian Mutiny, it is first my honour to recount your association with our order.

During your service along the Nampata and in the Yehud, your contribution was decisive in securing signal victories against the enemies of the commonwealth of mankind, in recognition of which you were named Knight of the Order of the Broken Sceptre. In recognition of your victory over the outlaw Hood and his followers in the Panchakala Pass, in which the Malay Federation and the commonwealth's Cause in the subcontinent was saved, you were named Knight Commander of this order. On the day of your victorious entry into Jesselton in that same war, you were finally named Knight Grand Cross of this order.

At this point in your short and already illustrious career, you escaped our ordinary powers to recognise your services.

Nonetheless, you have exceeded in every respect your prior accomplishments, by the encirclement and destruction of all outlaw forces in the Subcontinent, and the restoration of that country to the Law. If this outcome should today be regarded as simple or inevitable, it is only because of your judgement and your exertions as the commander of the forces of the Estates-General in the Subcontinent. Upon your decisive and selfless action, above that of any other man living, does the survival of the commonwealth, in honour, dignity, and strength, today depend. Such service should not, cannot, and will not be ignored.

We therefore name you, with your colleague Abdul Sulung bin Roslan Mohammed Afiz, by a title of ancient provenance, not awarded to any man in the commonwealth's history, Restitutor Orbis [Restorer of the World].

I have the honour to remain, Sir, your obedient servant,

Marshal of the Order of the Broken Sceptre
<leis2> Otoh i am also an antiquarian so im legitimately interested in how purple dye was made in sidon
<leis2> (using mollusks)

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