Radovan walks again

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Radovan walks again

Postby Quiberon » Tue Apr 09, 2019 5:45 am

April, 2019

PREKOHEROJI | Like | subscribe

The Questarian Mutiny ended five years ago, but the Commonwealth faces resurgent powers in all parts of the world. In Crataea, an All-Under-Heaven Realm of Great Peace wages ideological war, and Dumanum creates a rival empire. In Wallasea, a new union of states threatens its position in the Oryontic.

In these circumstances, the small country of Cockaygne ought to be no Praetannic’s business. You should read this closely.

Cockaygne was originally Prekovar land, dating from the early 9th century BC. It was tread on by Radovan who established the town of Muckclog (orig. Radovanskargrad) with a group of his followers. Everyone involved was an Oswinite, and effective 2019, all were confirmed to be Prekovar.

In these circumstances, it’s no wonder that the existence of Cockaygne is controversial in Prekovy. This is a cultural issue and it’s one for Wallaseans to figure out for themselves.

Stay out of this one, because it’s clear the rest of the Commonwealth won’t help you. Questers is weakened, outnumbered on all fronts, and cannot divide its forces, which are very weak. North Point is settling back into its easy decadent lifestyle.

Prekovy has a meeting with destiny. No one has forgotten the 19th century and what you did to us. We cannot let you tip the balance against us in the coming war with the south.

I know that our troops are marching because we’re going to take Radovanskargrad. My brother is in the EMILIA Division and they are moving quickly south he tells me. I cannot get out much now because of my disability but he is a trustworthy man.

Good luck to our brave men and heroes of Prekovy. Radovan walks again!

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Re: Radovan walks again

Postby Praetonia » Wed Apr 10, 2019 5:56 am

Telephones rang and papers flew. Men came to and fro, in uniform, in civilian dress, in a slap-dash mix of both. Prekovy is on the move. War is in the air. War at last.

Fox's dining room table had become a headquarters. More so than usual. Charts and maps adorned the walls of the kitchen while his wife, apron-clad, absent-mindedly fussed over the staff officers who dropped in and out with messages, equipment, or just an encouraging word. Senland may still be asleep, but her officer class was awake. None of them had had much enthusiasm for Questers. It had to be done, but only cads like Smyth and Marbury had really enjoyed it. Smyth was not even from Haversham, and his family were known reprobates since generations past. So what should one expect?

Sonic booms cracked overhead. Fighters? Everyone assumed so. Who really knew, but fighters matched the spirit of the day, so let it be fighters. The Navy had its own plans, but the Eastern Association is Providence. This secret world within a secret world was mobilising, stretching every spring it possessed storing every last ounce of force ready to be released. And if things should be as their hidden eyes believed, they would soon release it with joy. In the minds of most, it hardly mattered what was really happening. If a collective delusion is necessary to make this the time, then so be it. Now is the time.


The pilots laughed as they twisted and turned far above Senland. This was a game, they thought. It was real, they had been told. But they did not know what reality was. Except their leader, they were too young for the Great Mutiny, and their aircraft had not yet been built. Replacement Programme to the core. Far off, the carrier Bewford waited, ready to pounce with her experienced air group on anyone who attacked them. They had not been told that. They would not fly far over Cockaygne. Even in the case of war, any attack was unlikely. But they would fly beyond the Channel, and over Cockaygne; however distant, they would see the land borders of the Commonwealth with their own eyes.

Beneath them, Cockaygne folk scurried in the tiny towns and city. Were they us, or were they aliens? Most of them had never given it any thought. But today, it is did not much matter. On the horizon, already, was Prekovy. It was not a welcome sight. No one knew, yet, what it actually looked like, but it was not a welcome sight.


Keep Faith was dived. Her Captain had assembled the crew.

"Men, it is possible that, soon, nothing much will happen. And, if that is the case, I am confident that you will not be very much bothered by it at all.

"That is all I expect of any of you: whatever happens, do not be much bothered by it at all. It is of little importance, in the end. And if something happens, do not be bothered by that either.

"It is possible that we will all soon meet whatever end Providence has in store for us. If that is the case, then so be it. That is the way of the world."

It wasn't a speech that would have gone down well with many. In Senland, perhaps, it would go down well with most. But even in Questers, one would be wary of saying such things. The crew of Keep Faith nodded their agreement.

A crowd had begun to gather at the gates of Lilburne House. Why? No one could quite say. They had their own sources of information, but that was their secret, and they had simply been passing. A great many had simply been passing.

"Now is the time," he was a man of few words.

Even for the Protector, it was rare to meet the Head of the Permanent Strategic Establishment in person. She tried not to let it show.

She turned away from him and bowed her head slightly, as if in prayer.

"The Commonwealth will surely meet this challenge with success, as it always has."
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Re: Radovan walks again

Postby Praetonia » Sun Apr 21, 2019 6:36 am

The truth is, our defences are very limited. This sentence had echoed in Fox's head for days, but he hadn't yet weakened enough to speak it.

There were twelve divisions in the West, and there were the intelligence services that had been for many years in the Far West. All the useful equipment and manpower had been absorbed by alien continents. Cockaygne had always been the real point of decision, he had struggled to make known. But he had struggled, mostly, in vain. In the end it hadn't mattered much that Smyth had been removed as marshal. That damnable man still commanded the whole scene.

"If they attack with fifty divisions, which would not be unreasonable to suppose, we may be able to oppose them with five in the immediacy, with twenty in the second year, and perhaps with fifty in the third year.

"It is not certain that there will be a third year."

The Protector sipped her tea apparently without reaction.

"I am sure that the Western Commonwealth will rally to our Cause, as we did to theirs."

Fox looked askance.

"Questers, which defends a border with Dumanum and with the Taihei Tengoku, will not be able to substantially assist us."

Anne considered this for a moment.

"I believe they will. I believe they will even if they would risk invasion. But I believe they will mobilise beyond our present imagining if they feel that the survival of the Commonwealth itself is threatened."

Fox sighed. "Yes, they might. But it would be utterly foolish, and cause even more problems for us later."

Anne nibbled on a biscuit.

"There is no saying what might happen later."

"There is, ma'am. I wish it were not so, but it is. If Questers moves its army there will be a war in the West and the outcome of that war would be uncertain; it is not certain that the outcome would be unfavourable to us but we would not have a preponderance of force and would not decide the outcome."

She sat and he stood. He wondered if it had been like that with Smyth. He suspected not.

"Providence will uphold us, as she ever does the Right."
<leis2> Otoh i am also an antiquarian so im legitimately interested in how purple dye was made in sidon
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Re: Radovan walks again

Postby Quiberon » Tue Apr 23, 2019 2:18 am

Our Zegoran Brothers Need Help (Song, © 2019)

Prekovars, Prekovars!
Listen to my call!
Peaceful lands are under fire!
Why do you hide your eyes?
The Flamaguays will try to destroy their race.

For their native land they die with ease.
Through the cruel battles, the future is seen.
To the people the Slavic man becomes dear.
Zegora is for Zegorans!
Let them live free from any intruders!

Refrain: Our Zegoran brothers need help!
If I do not defend Zegora, tomorrow the troops of the attacker will be in Ostrava!
Glory to the Slavs!
The Banner of Victory is the most important of all!

Hello Hello Ermenegildo,
Your wife is a whore,
Praetonia will lead you thirsty across the water.
Small are your borders,
And smaller still when the Slavic man arrives!

Heroes become tough when they go,
They have defended our own doorstep.
Go, Prekovar man,
You will gain your honour,
When you take their sheep, and send back the fat.

Refrain: Our Zegoran brothers need help!
If I do not defend Zegora, tomorrow the troops of the attacker will be in Ostrava!
Glory to the Slavs!
The Banner of Victory is the most important of all!

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Re: Radovan walks again

Postby Srf » Tue Apr 23, 2019 5:05 pm

The song ended and the unmistakable sound of a frustrated professor bled into Jana's ears. She sat up with a start, closing ten unrelated windows down on her laptop and furtively slipping the earphones back down her hoodie sleeve. Professor Klosic was in a spirited debate with one of her classmates across the room, and hadn't noticed her ten minutes of vacant staring and clicking.

"That's not what it means, Matija. I cannot stress this enough, all of you. Prekovar bloggers are not a reliable source on Wallasean military manoeuvres. You're Geopolitics students - why aren't you looking at this critically?"

Matija replied immediately. "Professor, can you explain why? I am trying to look at it critically. I don't necessarily believe the author but it why are we not factoring open-source information into our analyses in the current information age?"

Nods and crossing of arms throughout the group. Klosic coughed.

"Because Prekovy is a destabilising influence in Wallasea. It has thrived for years off of telling lies and spreading misinformation. The Minu war was a surprise breaking of a historical treaty only hours after assurances were issued from Ostrava that no military action was imminent. The Radovan Piece is, at best, yet more Prekovar disinformation designed to stir up nationalist sentiment in Zegora. At worst, it is the ramblings of a moron".

"Sir!" Jana put up her hand now. "I disagree. Prekovy is no more inherently destabilising than the other continental states. When Flamaguay acted aggressively toward us in 1968..."

Some of the group groaned. Others heckled. Professor Klosic sighed and threw up his hands.

"That was different, miss Jana. Scholars agree that Flamaguay acted legally to reclaim legally Flamaguayan territory at a strategic interval..."

"Well my family is from Pitino!" Matija interrupted. "My family is from Pitino and my uncle was murdered in a Flamaguayan air strike! My great grandparents were murdered by Saratovian artillery! Prekovy has never bombed us! Prekovy is our friend! If this post was real and Prekovy is mobilising, it would be good for Zegora!"

Professor Klosic felt his grip on authority within the seminar room slipping away as more and more students began calling out, talking over each other, and wildly gesticulating to emphasise their various points. "Class, class..."

"Prekovy stole northern Mozalvia! How can you call them friends?!"

"Saratovs are our real allies! The treaty of..."

"The CNF is imperialism imposed upon Zegora!"

"Prekovy would never take our colonies and cripple us!"

"Class!" Klosic shouted, and banged a textbook on his desk. The hubbub died down, even if the emotions behind it did not. "I am glad that you can enjoy such... Spirited debate. You are students of the finest geopolitics program in all of Zegora and Bogatovia. Please remember that and do not get snared by these nationalist sentiments. You have the ability to analyse, to understand. Please use it. Now, let's return to some hard theory. Why does Prekovy employ disinformation campaigns targeting southern Wallasea?"

Jana rose her hand one last time. Klosic considered for a second and nodded. "Yes, miss Jana?"

"Sorry, Professor" Jana began. "Is Zegoran nationalism an inherently bad thing?"

The room erupted again.

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Re: Radovan walks again

Postby flm » Tue Apr 23, 2019 6:22 pm

23 APRIL 2019


Dear Ms. Maioriano,

As refers to the letter sent on 15 APRIL 2019 by ABANDERADOS DE MECENIA - FRENTE PATRIOTICO Y UNITARIO, received by the Supplier of Quota on 16 APRIL 2019, the petition for a public demonstration on 26 APRIL 2019 is DENIED.

The PLENARY OF THE LEVY of MECENIA is UNABLE TO GUARANTEE the minimal required standards for ORDER AND SAFETY as put forward under the national regulations (CI a.275/nlp.465 - tomo IV art.36) established by the COLLEGE OF INFANTES and administered by the DIRECTORATE FOR PUBLIC HYGIENE.

As pertinent to CN a.291/nlp.287 - tomo I art.4, the Supplier of Quota is obliged to recommend the following points as potential amendments to the original petition which may result in the approval of the aforementioned:
    i) The path of the demonstration should not come within 500m of the Prekovite Consulate,
    ii) The path of the demonstration must direct the march away from the Prekovite Consulate,
    iii) The concentration point of the march must be vacated within an hour of the indicated starting point of the march,
    iv) Any speeches must be held at the termination point of the march,
    v) The march must be dispersed one full hour before sundown at the latest.

We hope that these recommendations will be thoroughly considered in your reply. Should there be no reply within 5 business days of receipt of the letter, the matter will be considered closed.

Lic. Marcelo Paenza,

Oficina de Peticiones,
Repartidor de Cuota de Mecenía,
Municipalidad de Vilivazo,
Marca de Mecenía


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Re: Radovan walks again

Postby Dumanum » Tue Apr 23, 2019 11:55 pm


Joaquin Carabonell – 10 April, 2019 – Leave A Comment

In closing out this coverage of Crataean Eagle MMDCCLXXII, I believe it is worth taking note of a few key items displayed in this exercise. If you haven’t already, I would strongly recommend reading our previous articles covering each day in detail.

As in previous years, this year’s exercise largely took part on Vekhistan’s Övör Steppe, and included units of both the Exercitus and the Ordu Vekh. However, where previously other partner nations committed battalion- and brigade-sized formations, this year saw a corps-sized formation of allied troops maneuvering alongside the Dumani. In total, over 200,000 servicemen from six countries participated in the eight day-long Crataean Eagle MMDCCLXXII.

This exercise clearly stressed the interoperability of Dumanum and her allies’ militaries: while they are not quite on par with South Wallasea in their joint capabilities, great strides appear to have been made in a few short years in the fields of logistics and command and control over an array of diverse military forces. Most notably, Day 3 saw a Sandirian armored division (Mechanized Division Nr. 1000 "Ozymandias") successfully maneuver with two Vekh divisions and a brigade of the Sharfic Army while being supported by Dumani air power in a mock encirclement operation.

Other firsts for this year saw both amphibious and airborne forces integrated into the exercise. Two full brigades of the Comitatus and National Revolutionary Host performed a joint amphibious landing operation in conjunction with airborne landings of the Comitatus’ VI Corps, which reportedly saw 6,000 paratroopers and 300 armored vehicles deployed by parachute and subsequently maneuvering to seize a strategic crossroads.

Perhaps the exercise’s greatest surprise was the deployment of the entire Dumani IV Legion from Antarteria to Vekhistan by road and rail in the span of 48 hours, joining the III Quardacian Corps for the final day of maneuvers. This also reportedly involved the surprise activation of over 6,000 reservists to provide road security for the movement. A public relations officer for the Comitatus has stated that minimal warning was given to the IV prior to its deployment. This later point suggests that many of the logistical issues that had plagued the Comitatus in its 2011 deployment to Nachmere, and later Siracusa and Sadari, have been resolved.

In final analysis, the exercise, though regularly scheduled, was clearly a show of force directed toward Gzhelkastan, and by extension its patrons in Sukaria and Prekovy. In many ways, it was intended as a direct message to Ostrava and Irae: Comitatus units practiced maneuvers under simulated electronic warfare attack, and XX Legion assets were on hand conducting counter-special forces operations in a clear demonstration against an intervention by more sophisticated actors.

The Crataean Eagle MMDCCLXXII strategic maneuvers illustrate that Dumanum is capable of readily augmenting its forces with allied manpower, and that though much progress remains to be made, those partner nations are steadily increasing in their ability to keep up with the Dumani. It is well known that Urbs Dumanus objects to Ostrava’s ongoing intervention in Crataea. As the later continues her aggressive posturing in Wallasea, she would be well advised to keep an eye across the sea lest her considerable investments be wrenched away by an increasingly hawkish Senate.

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Re: Radovan walks again

Postby Crave » Wed Apr 24, 2019 2:03 am

Petrograd in April is typically a dreary affair. Spring's arrival is hearkened by downpours and gray skies, and the city's pavement is wet for over half the month. Today, however, was unusually sunny and bright at almost 24° and clear blue overhead. Korneyev's Garden, facing the south-east side of the Admiralty's facade, was filled with pensioners reading newspapers and young mothers taking their children for a stroll. The garden's willow trees were almost glowing in a vibrant shade of green, and its flowers were in full bloom. The fountain at the center, flanked by gravel paths, gently sprayed toward the sky. The park was quiet other than when the occasional group of schoolchildren, in uniform and guided under the watchful gaze of a teacher, would criss-cross in a neatly organized line as they made their way to a museum or exhibit of one kind or another.

"Dobriy dyen, Volodya."

Vladimir had been watching two old men play chess on the far side of the fountain. He was curious what they were discussing, but his train of thought was interrupted as he glanced up to see a man standing in slacks and a white shirt with his sleeves messily rolled to his elbows. He had a pair of expensive designer Flamaguayan sunglasses, probably assembled cheaply in Taihei Tengoku, resting atop his curly-haired crown.

"Good to see you, Eduard." He glanced at his watch. "Please, take a seat." He motioned to the open spot on the bench that still had rainwater pooled in its divots and dents.

The newcomer stood. He withdrew a large envelope from his messenger bag and passed it to the seated man. The envelope was an otherwise inconspicuous shade of tan, but was ominously sealed with red tape around the entirety of its width. Vladimir could immediately tell that it was mostly empty other than a flash drive that had slid down to the crease at the bottom.

"The files you asked for. Everything we've scraped open-source over the past month, plus some satellite photos thrown in for good measure."

"What's your take on this blog post that just went up the other day? I've been hearing about it non-stop. Yegor said that Fleet Intel is all abuzz about it," Vladimir asked while gesturing with the envelope toward the golden spire of the Admiralty building towering over the treetops.

"Fleet Intel doesn't know their ass from a hole in the ground. They wouldn't know a Prekovite tank division if it rolled through their fucking front door... Oswin willing that'll never happen," he added while nervously glancing at the wooden double doors not more than 150 meters away. Eduard was a high-ranking analyst at SOVA, where entire teams with dozens of people were devoted to reading every blog post and documenting every selfie that could be deemed "strategically relevant" to understanding Prekovite government and military actions. He was a leader on the "ROISK" team, an acronym that stood for "open source intelligence" (but was also conveniently one letter off from the word "SEARCH" - poisk - in Saratovian).

Vladimir, meanwhile, was from the old guard at the GSRB. He was now a permanent fixture on the Prekovite desk at 30 Liteyniy. He had spent years of his life working at the duty station in the Saratov embassy in Ostrava; he knew his way through some villages in Prekovy better than he knew his hometown. SIGINT was not the GSRB's forte, so he would regularly turn to his friend at SOVA to fill in the gaps.

"Does anything corroborate what this guy said then? I mean concrete. Our desk has seen hints from sources on the ground over the past few months to suggest a move against the Commonwealth, but you seem unimpressed."

"Honestly? There's probably some basis in reality. It's the usual nationalist drivel with a sliver of truth sprinkled in. You'll see in the files, I've highlighted some stuff for you. We've got some verified geotags from enlisted men in III Corps, 9th Tank Division that looks like they're moving southwest. That's the division mentioned in the post. They're posting selfies with tanks and pictures of themselves drinking constantly. We even intercepted some more... intimate pictures that they were sending home to their sweethearts."

Vladimir furrowed his brow and scowled.

"You mean to say you intercepted Prekovar soliders' dick pics?"

"It's amazing what you can find when you can force your way in to the back end of some random exchange servers."

A group of children howled and wailed with glee as they came running into the park. They ran to the fountain, and started reaching in to grab coins from the bottom. It was getting late in the afternoon, and these were probably students on their way home from school.

Vladimir cracked open the brass locks on his briefcase, and slid the envelope into a pocket on the top side. He snapped the case shut, and rolled the combination dials around to scramble them.

"Thanks again, this'll be a big help for the report I'm drawing up for the Chancellor's office. You hungry? Care to grab something to eat? Maybe a drink?"

"Thanks but I'll have to take a rain check. I need to get back to the office, got a meeting with some MinOborony staffers in an hour."

"Right," Vladimir sighed, "I suppose those dicks won't look at themselves."

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Re: Radovan walks again

Postby Quiberon » Thu Apr 25, 2019 5:16 am

It was Thursday, and there was an evening party hosted by the Novotnýs at 32 Mělnická Street. General Novotný celebrated his son’s promotion to colonel, an unexpected event that excited no one and worried everyone.

Young Novotný was a known fool and a womanizer. His promotion could only mean that there was a great need for new officers. Everyone understood (Mrs. Novotný most of all), and so it was an occasion for drinking, and most of Prekovy’s senior officers planned to attend.

“It is a great honour!” said fat Molodini when he arrived. General Novotný agreed that it was.

The last to arrive was General Hradecký, the Vojevoda of Prekovy’s army, and a very important man. By then it was almost eleven, and most of the officers were in a heavy state of drunkenness. Young Novotný, who had spent most of the night being flattered by fat Molodini (who had a talent for flattery) was being praised for his good sense and leadership in the Novotnýs’ courtyard. This scene greatly upset General Novotný, and he was only too happy to be removed from it by the arrival of an important man.

Hradecký kissed Mrs. Novotný on the hand, and went with her husband into the study.

“It greatly upsets me, Tomáš,” General Novotný said at once.

“I know Lubor,” said Hradecký. “And me.”

“He is a fool and a womanizer,” Novotný said.

Hradecký agreed.

The two men were of the same time. The Hradeckýs and the Novotnýs had commanded Prekovars since the Wars of the Covenant. Like their fathers and grandfathers, they bore the shame of all Prekovy’s military tradition, and not just the triumphs of the past twenty years.

Novotný shook his head. “Molodini is a pig.”

“Molodini is the future,” Hradecký replied. “The winds are changing in Ostrava. It is all politický now. Your son and Molodini are the future.”

“Yes,” Novotný said, and he meant it.

“They want Cockaygne very badly. They are much stronger now than they were during the Civil War, and the Gospodár knows it.” Hradecký shook his head. “What can we do but our duty, Lubor?”

“Nothing,” Novotný said. “I will die for Cockaygne, but my son will not. That is politický.” And both men agreed that it was time for a drink.

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Re: Radovan walks again

Postby Srf » Tue Apr 30, 2019 8:57 pm

Another gunshot rang out through the endless identical pine trees. Marko ducked, but only instinctively, and carried on up the path. Ahead of him, an older man dressed in a waxed jacket and knee-high boots faced away across a sudden expanse of grass, pulling back the bolt on his scoped wooden rifle. Beside him, a stocky black dog sat patiently, its bright pink tongue contrasting sharply with the mix of dull browns and greens. Marko hailed.

"General Perović! Anton!"

General Anton Perović turned around and smiled in recognition. He returned the wave and slung the rifle onto his back. "what brings you here, Marko Anić?"

The dog spun around and started wagging its stumpy little tail with great vigour, panting in excitement. General Perović gave a small signal and the dog leapt forward, boundering into Marko and begging for affection.

"She is quite a specimen", said the old general as Marko obligingly scratched the dog's stomach and back. "Her name is Mica. She is a Bogatovian mountain dog".

"She is wonderful, General" said Marko, standing up and brushing his hands together. "General, I have come here for your advice".

"Oh Marko, you must stop calling me General" said Perović. "I have been retired for almost a year now. I can give you some advice on hunting a crafty grouse, perhaps. Look at this rifle. Custom carved from Lazari dark wood. Isn't it something?"

"Anton, I was hoping for some advice about Prekovy".

General Perović's chatty demeanour melted away and he quickly returned to the brooding, almost sinister military man that Marko had known for so many years.

"I don't want to talk about Prekovy, Anton. I am one hundred miles from Kralvićevo and from the army and from endless discussions on what to do about Prekovy. Discussions that go nowhere. They go around in circles for hours. Everything that I could possibly say, I have said. So I don't see what is the point in talking again, Marko".

"General Perović, it's because nobody seems to be doing anything about Prekovy. We have known about their mobilisations for weeks. Then Petrograd confirmed it. Then Prvni confirmed it. Then Funes confirmed it. And nothing has come from the high command. Half of my battalion is on leave. I think..." Marko leaned in to tell a secret, as if they were in a crowded elevator rather than a forest on Perović's private estate, "I think Major General Rukavina is compromised".

General Perović sighed, and put his hand on Marko's shoulder. "Marko, Oswin himself knows that if I were the King of all Zegorans then all Prekophiles like Major General Rukavina would be imprisoned. Unfortunately, I am not. He is quite free to believe that our futures lie in Ostrava rather than Petrograd. But listen to me."

The old General had both his hands on Marko's shoulders now, and was staring into his eyes. "I was pushed out the door because of my opinions on people like Major General Rukavina. But I don't want the same thing happening to you. If Prekovy is planning something - really planning something, then we can not let the officer corps be dominated by mindless weak-willed Rukavinas. The army needs people who believe in Zegora, more than anything. Do not trust Prekovy. Do not trust SOWA. Remember Mozalvia. Do not rock the boat. It's already swaying".

Marko nodded. "thank you, General Perović".

"Anton is fine, Marko" the general laughed, and his new jolly old man persona sprung back into the fore. "Now unfortunately I missed, and I spooked the grouse. Let's go back to the house. I have a fantastic buck in the pantry that will make an excellent lunch".
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