Estates-General Order of Battle

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Estates-General Order of Battle

Postby Praetonia » Tue Sep 03, 2019 1:34 am

Array of the Estates-General

Establishment budget: $230bn (~3% of inland income)
Extraordinary budget: $95bn (~1.2% of inland income)

Army of the Estates-General

Army of the Eastern Association

2 divisions (regular)
6 divisions (reserve)

Army of the Committee for Parks' Maintenance
1 division (regular)
1 division (reserve)

Army of the Ports' League
1 division (regular)
2 divisions (reserve)

Army of the Worshipful Guilds' Association
1 division (regular)
6 divisions (reserve)

Army of the Western Volunteers' Association
1 division (regular)
6 divisions (reserve)


6 regular divisions (@ $40bn)
21 reserve divisions (@ $25bn)

Extraordinary Establishment

Army of Observation in the Subcontinent - 6 regular divisions (@ $80bn - sustainment and operations)

Estates' Navy

Line Fleet

32 fleet submarines (~7,000t)
20 light submarines (2,800t)

6 fleet carriers (75,000t)
3 light carriers (25,000t)

32 fleet cruisers (9,000t)

10 destroyers (5,000t)

600 fast jets
50 AEW aircraft

@ $60bn

Coastal command

300 heavy bombers
700 fast jets
150 AEW aircraft

@ $70bn


Permanent Strategic
Permanent Signals
Permanent Survey

Extraordinary Cockaygne
Extraordinary Nampataland

@ $35bn
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