Reims Agreement

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Reims Agreement

Postby Prekovy » Sat Oct 15, 2016 1:53 am

If a forum for RP bants is ever created, this thread should be moved there.

Reims Agreement - Traité de Reims

Idea: Int'l agreement between liberal-leaning "normies" to recognize each others' sovereignty; by extension, each others' laws, claims, conventions, standards of behavior, etc. Places signatories on an equal footing, similar to the status of RL sovereign nations.

1. No military links
2. Possible cooperation with CL associations to resolve critical conflicts of law (e.g. elements of state or common law preventing businesses from one bloc from functioning in the other)??
3. Subordinate organizations to manage harmonization within the bloc, e.g. commissions to examine cross-national regulatory issues, commissions to examine copious use of Latin acronyms viz. e.g., etc.

Potential members:

RP ideas:
Interactions between the RA bloc and the CL bloc, individual RA nations and the CL, so on. Obvious.
Push from certain members, namely Quiberon (:D) to increase harmonization and centralize power in Reims. Classic EU banter.
Expansion of RA into various areas of int'l law and business. Easy because most of this cooperation already occurs IRL. Interesting because CL doesn't exist IRL.

Ideas and comments welcome. Otherwise, indicate whether you'd be interested in signing on.
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Re: Reims Agreement

Postby North Point » Sat Oct 15, 2016 3:42 am

I would add Galla (now an NPC), Hanseom, Burgundie (played by Saracenia), Iridis (Ato), Laritaia (Mist), Embrea, Haghia (srf), and Valentia (my Portugal NPC) to the list.

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Re: Reims Agreement

Postby Srf » Sat Oct 15, 2016 7:19 am

I'm gonna change Haghia up a bit to an Orban-style "illiberal democracy" but it would definitely join RA, if nothing else for that sweet Quiberonnaise grant money.

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