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NPC Discussion

Postby North Point » Sun Oct 16, 2016 4:43 pm

This is the list of NPCs along with their 'theme' and whatever player is controlling them/primarily responsible for their Wiki articles/ORBAT/role etc.

- Zhelezhnia - generic Eastern Bloc/GDR-influenced "Papers Please" "bad guy" power (Ato)
- Karhutland - unknown, presumably eastbloc ZH aligned "bad guy" vassal state (Ato)
- Borsuka - unknown, as above (Ato)
- Slubovia - unknown, as above (Ato)
- Utrastia - unknown, as above (Ato)
- Murania - Czech-influenced Western-aligned state opposed to ZH (Mist/Ato/Colo)

notes: plan is to merge all of these into giant irrelevant Eskimo wasteland.

- Huran - unknown (Ato)
- Siracusa - Dumani exclave (Doom)
- Gzhelkastan - large tribal/middle eastern/steppe state provided as foil to Dumanum (Doom)
- Vekhistan - as above, experiences once-every-decade Desert Storm punitive expeditions from Dumanum (doom)
- The Two Savoys - no idea, random name from old colonation on NS, can be deleted or rolled into Dumanum (Colo)
- Motappaland - Congo-style jungle nation full of tribes and mercenaries, Quiberon colony from 1750 until 1950 (Colo / everyone)
- Kampala SWC - Namibia-style veldt nation, prior Fanta colony with bush wars etc. (Fanta / Colo)
- Uiri - irrelevant mountain nation with zero involvement anywhere with anyone except maybe a war or two with Sharf (Srf)
- Angyika - "SMSVietnam" according to Ato (Ato)
- Hakara - Songian protectorate whose invasion RP from 2013 was retconned (Ato)
- Yehud - border state between Questers and Dumanum (Mat / Doom)

notes: Crataea is generally OK. Doom/Sadari RP wars will be kept with Sadari as Prestonoid vassal state. If Nachmere does not return, Nachmere can become Doom vassal state.

Veridis: (NPC hell)
- Valmiero: Portuguese-speaking Argentina-style ex-Valentian (also NPC) colony, foil for North Point, generally good but sometimes-bad (Colo)
- Carta: No idea (no one)
- Epira: No idea (no one)
- Erythea: No idea (no one)
- Yachok: No idea (no one)
- Leasanda: No idea (no one)
- Obrana: No idea (no one)
- Seburon: No idea (no one)
- Banin: No idea (no one)
- Boranesia: Malaysia/Indonesia style geography with unknown culture/native population/etc. Likely irrelevant. (Mist created geography, Colo added city names)
- Drift Islands: Quiberon-settled version of Hawaiian islands (Colo)

notes: One country that operates the canal in the Isthmus. Delete NPCs east of Valmiero, move Valmiero/Carta/NP south-southwest to close up Hanin Sea, move Boranesia to the south of Valmiero.

- Central Wallasean Union: IDK who is responsible for this but they are the fucking worst
- Valentia: Portuguese-speaking social democrazy aligned with Quiberon (Colo)
- Ostaria: No idea (no one)

notes: Delete Ostaria NPC.

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Re: NPC Discussion

Postby Srf » Mon Oct 17, 2016 9:15 am

- Uiri - irrelevant mountain nation with zero involvement anywhere with anyone except maybe a war or two with Sharf (Srf)

I'm happy to do this seeing as it will be roughly ~0 work, but Uiri does the needful by joining #sms every day. Has he been asked about it?

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Re: NPC Discussion

Postby satilisu » Wed Oct 19, 2016 3:29 pm

I will be moving primarily to Axum with Sandirius and Mbeyanchi becoming much more NPC-like, reprising their old roles in SMS. Sandirius will be a Dumani-aligned nationalist hodgepodge of various African ethnicities, while Mbeyanchi will be a psychotic communist dictatorship teeming with Zulus.

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