The Kingdom of Quiberon at a Glance

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The Kingdom of Quiberon at a Glance

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Quiberon is a prosperous francophone nation in western Wallasea. It has played a leading role in developing liberal thought, especially in the realms of democracy and egalitarianism. In the 20th century, Quiberon saw its global role reduced. However, it remains an important economic and military power, and by most accounts is the most influential liberal democracy in the world.


Quiberon is a constitutional monarchy, in which the monarch is head of state, but government is managed by a bicameral legislature. The framework for government is established by a codified constitution. Quiberon is a unitary state.

Conventional long form: The Kingdom of Quiberon.
Capital: Evian.
Administrative divisions: 55 unofficial regions.
Citizenship: At least one parent must be a citizen of Quiberon.
Suffrage: Universal at age 18.
National symbols: The fleur-de-lys, the lily, the royal coat of arms, the hare, the colours blue and white.
National anthem: By the Will of the People (À la Volonté du Peuple)

I. Government

Head of state: King Charles VII.
Head of government: Corinne Lapointe, Prime Minister.
Legislature: Two-tier. The lower house, the Chamber of Representatives (Chambre des représentants), has right of initiative. The Chamber of Peers (Chambre des Pairs) can review and amend bills, but cannot veto them.
Voting: First-past-the-post ranked voting for the lower house, appointment by sovereign for the upper house. By convention, peers are drawn from the twelve royal academies of art and science.

II. Law

Quiberon has a codified constitution, as well as national civil and criminal codes. The judiciary operates independently from government. Judges make decisions that are binding on future courts, except to the extent that they are overridden by the legislature. Quiberon comprises one legal jurisdiction. A national supreme court is the last court of resort. Defendants are innocent until proven guilty in court.

Constitution: Codified.
Highest court: The Supreme Court of Quiberon (Cour suprême du Quiberon)
Jury trials: For criminal trials with penalties of 5+ years imprisonment or $50,000.
Double jeopardy: No one may be retried for the same offense if their first trial concludes in an acquittal, conviction, or mistrial.
Law enforcement: By the Quiberon Royal Police (Gendarmerie royale du Quiberon).


An economic underperformer following its defeat in the Great War, Quiberon emerged from the 20th century as a global economic and trading power. Its economy is the fifth-largest in the world, and is 88% the size of the largest economy, Questers. Markets are dominated by a mix of public and private enterprise. The Quiberonnais economy is underpinned by one of the most comprehensive social security nets in the world. The 2014 Questarian Civil War led to a protracted economic recession, from which Quiberon recovered in the first quarter of 2016.

GDP: $5.750 billion
GDP/PC: $39,384
GDP growth rate: 2.5%
Debt as % of GDP: 85%
Unemployment: 6.0%
Richest 1% of persons own: 13% of all wealth
Richest 20% of persons own: 45% of all wealth
Currency: Quiberonnais couronne


Quiberonnais values were shaped by proximity to the Common Law Commonwealth. In contrast to that of the Commonwealth, Quiberonnais society places prime importance on human equality and natural rights. Tolerance and pluralism feature prominently, although Quiberon is a monocultural society made up almost entirely of Quiberonnais people. There is a general sense that the underprivileged in society ought to be taken care of; this is achieved through the provision of social services, such as public employment, education, and healthcare.

Ethnicity(-ies): >99% Quiberonnais.
Language(s): French.
Religion(s): Catholicism.
Urbanization: 65%
Major urban areas: Evian, Port-Cartier, Reims, Pérouges, Montpellier
Education: Public, universal.
Healthcare: Public, universal.
Life expectancy: 76 years


Quiberon does not have a strong military culture, and maintains a relatively small army and navy. Budget cuts during the 2014-16 recession reduced most existing army units to low-readiness status. Recently, fears associated with a Commonwealth military build-up have shifted public opinion toward expansion of the armed services. Quiberon operates a force of 6,000 soldiers in its former Cratean colony, Motappaland.

Divisions: 14; of which 4 are full-readiness, 2 are partial-readiness, and the remainder are low-readiness.
Aircraft carriers: 4 CVNs.
Military presence in: Quiberon, Motappaland
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