Current Wallasea Meta (and some GW <<<theorycrafting>>>)

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Current Wallasea Meta (and some GW <<<theorycrafting>>>)

Postby Crave » Wed Nov 21, 2018 10:54 pm

First off, some statspam for the major non-CL players. CL should be factored into the meta somehow, but without numbers for Cock this is essentially impossible atm.

Was too lazy to go digging for other ppls mil numbers:

Prekovy - The big bad
312.5 million pop
$8.283 tn GDP
$26,506 GDPPC

Saratovia - The southern stalwart
54.1 million pop
$2.13 tn GDP
$39,325 GDPPC
330k active duty - 1.27mn reservists
$123.5bn mil budget

Polacekia - The plucky pleasant chap
47.5 million pop
$1.75 tn GDP
$36,784 GDPPC

Zegora and Bogatovia - The flaky flakester
61 million pop
$1.67 tn GDP
$27,301 GDPPC

Embrea - The who knows right now (all pre-numeta numbers)
58 million pop
$2.4 tn GDP
$41,236 GDPPC

Observations from above:

a. Saratovia's population was balanced off the previous Wallasean-Quiberon meta to fall between Zeg and Pola, since there was no indication of what the political landscape looked like at the time

b. Zegora's economy should be slightly boosted for aesthetic reasons to fit with the south's "western euro 1st world" atmosphere

c. We won't know anything about Embrea until Preston can properly get back to keyboard, but we can assume its also quite western

d. Prekovy is bigger than all of the SoWa nations combined in both pop and econ terms. Sowa has a combined pop of 220.6 million and a combined GDP of 7.95tn. This would be ok when factoring in CL as a balance point, but the problem is there is no guarantee that CL would intervene against Prekovy if Prek were to fight Sowa, and in the current atmosphere there is no guarantee Sowa would be united as one in the face of Prek aggression. Sowa either needs a buff to itself or an external guarantor to dissuade Prekovy. CL is a major threat for Prek to contend with but its hard to balance atm without knowing its actual capabilities. The E-G is a fair-weather friend to Cockaygne, and Prek can more than likely wipe the floor with Cock and Sowa combined, especially if Zeg flakes.

Potential proposals and balance changes:
1. Saratovia and Flamaguay should act historically like UK and France, respectively, in terms of size and power against Prek, which would be more akin to a larger Russian Empire. To this end, Sar's present day pop would be buffed to about 65-70ish mn. At present GDPPC that would put total GDP at 2.6-2.8tn. The loss of Flamaguay would have struck a massive blow to the south's balance of power and made Prekovy a major threat again. Sar-Flam axis should have kept Prekovy at bay for the majority of the post-GW time period as Prekovy was also still recovering strength.

For comparison's sake, present day France GDP is 2.8tn, and present day UK at 2.9tn. If Sar and Flam were both in that size range, and all other Sowa econs stayed at same size, combined econ would be $11.52 - but with Flamaguay's dissolution that drops to $8.62tn; slightly larger than Prek's economy overall, keeping in mind that Zeg can flake and Prek has the advantage of being one unified country with one military, one command structure, etc.

2. Prekovy should not be nerfed - it needs to be able to deal both with SoWa and CL, separately or simultaneously. SoWa, however, should not be a pushover, and as discussed its success or failure should not hinge on one state (Zegora specifically). There should not be a guarantee of CL aiding SoWa or vice versa.

3. Prekovy and Zegora in the current understanding would be like Russian Empire to Serbia relationship during GW period. Present day meta for Zegora is yet tbd, but I think population should be nerfed in exchange for an economic buff to aesthetically bring it in line with its role as the potential flake. Total GDP should stay about the same with an increase to GDPPC.

4. Polacekia would continue to fulfill the role of relatively small border/buffer state, its present size and economy seems appropriate all things considered.

5. Embrea's size is also likely appropriate, tho econ may need some adjustment.

6. Proposal for an NPC Romania buffer state is still on the table to ensure territorial continuity in the event that Zegora decides to not lump in with SoWa

7. Perhaps a proper NATO-like agreement signed after dissolution of Flamaguay? This could have been sold to Zegora as protection against both Prekovy and the scary Abolitionists, and would make it much harder for any one state to flake.

this is all just incoherent spitballing atm, I'm just looking to get thoughts down in one place so we can discuss on the discord and have something static to reference. A lot of this was prompted by Alex's concerns with populations at the time of the GW of SoWa vs Prekovy - estimating populations then based on current #s, SoWa united at that time likely couldn't mobilize anywhere near the troops needed to be able to challenge Prekovy in any meaningful way, which with the GW revamp ideas being thrown around would be necessary for them to a) have the courage to fight in the first place b) be able to last 4-5 years

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