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Archive directory

Posted: Tue Oct 11, 2016 11:01 am
by Praetonia
The wiki archive is here: ... mswiki.rar

The forum archive is here: ...

The wiki archive uses the name of the article for the name of the archive file, but the forum archive is harder to browse. I have therefore assembled some file paths of important threads.

10/t-235.html - "The trouble in Naugarh" - Questarian Syndicalist war
10/t-865.html - "One green bottle sitting on the wall" - Aftermath of Questarian Syndicalist war, Questarian and Praetonian troops mass on Dumani border + other stuff
10/t-1004.html - "March on, boys!" - Aftermath of Questaraian Syndicalist war, Smyth is dismissed and flees to Tairendian concessions, CL coup in Tyre is planned
10/t-1046.html - "Rearranging the furniture" - More stuff about the aftermath of the Questarian War, now dealing mainly with diplomacy between the CL countries and rearrangement of Questers

10/t-1036.html - "Jambatan Terpanjang Itu" - Intrigue and fighting over an NPC called Hakara involving Questers, Ato, and others, possibly no longer canon?
10/t-1085.html - "Our Mutual Friend" - character RP with colo, fanta, srf etc. set retrospectively in the Questarian civil war

10/t-404.html - "Cela ne peut arriver ici!" - War between Syndicalist Auscirum and Quiberon
10/t-1005.html - "The End" - Quib surrender and some other stuff
10/t-1070.html - "A Ripple of Hope" - Questarian Syndicalist general Hood flees to Auscirum
10/t-1082.html - "After the End" - only one post but whatever
[note these may no longer be [fully] canon, ask leis; if the Quib-Ausc war no longer happened we need to sort out the bits where it meshes with the Syndie-CL war in Questers]

10/t-71.html - "Letters from the Front" - Very incomplete memoir of the Ultorianic War written from the perspective of a Praetonian officer; probably no longer canon as the Ultorianic War either didn't happen or was significantly different, but still gives a good taste of Praetonian culture

10/t-638.html - The Future Awaits - Flam revolution, I guess Flam isn't coming back but if he is this would be an important thread
10/t-1061.html - "I'll have another." - more

10/t-308.html - "Fifty-Five Days at Mogala" - 55 days at Peking rip set in Mbeyanchi, historical, probably not important but might be nice to read

10/t-70.html - "Tout est bien qui finit bien" - early character RP about Quiberon's Praetannic minority, not sure if still canon
10/t-333.html - "l'Épée et le Lys" - early RP about Quiberon's Praetannic minority, again not sure if still canon

Note that this selection may reflect my interests and participation and not the wider game. Please feel free to add more file paths and descriptions in this thread. For instance I haven't included doom's threads because I know his country is now significantly different, but he may want to add some. Several other threads I haven't included because I judge that they won't have much relevance to the rebooted game, either because countries have changed or disappeared, or moved position. Their authors might disagree in which case they should add these threads.

To access subsequent pages add "p2", "p3", etc. to the file name. The first page is always the clean file name regardless how many pages the thread has, so never add "p1".

Re: Archive directory

Posted: Tue Oct 11, 2016 11:04 am
by Praetonia
I have now skimmed every thread in the main RP forum archive.

Most of the threads I have not listed above contained relatively few posts and/or by players who have now quit.

However I omitted a rather large number of threads centred around Preston's previous nations and Sadari-Doom owing to changes in their timelines, many of them with several pages.

If Preston wants to be an Islamic state, can I suggest that he take the slot (and perhaps the name) of Sadari's old nation, and adapt the backstory to fit the new version of Doom? Nachmere is also important to those RPs but he is perhaps small enough to be made an NPC (or perhaps someone can contact him and ask him to return?). This would minimise loss of the site's back story.

Alternatively we could try to save the old Prestonia RPs, but this is harder because 1. they tended to involve a lot of players who have now quit and 2. Preston is changing his country anyway.

Re: Archive directory

Posted: Thu Oct 13, 2016 4:57 am
by Preston
I've worked with Doom a bit and I'm assuming Sadari's role in that war but I'm not Islamic (though the religious bit isn't particularly relevant idt).

Just to be clear with canon: at present time is Smyth still hiding out in the Concessions/Tairendia or is he elsewhere?

Re: Archive directory

Posted: Fri Oct 14, 2016 2:17 pm
by Praetonia
The storyline for Smyth is still that he fled to the Tairendia concessions after failing with the King of the Malays to instigate a war against Dumanum.

Our plan is to RP an attempted "coup" by Smyth of mainland Tairendia that at the moment is probably going to succeed.

So depending whether we jumped forward or not, Smyth is either in the concessions or Tairendia itself.

Re: Archive directory

Posted: Fri Dec 09, 2016 11:40 pm
by flm
Shared by Jer, the archives on google drive as an alternative to dropbox:

Wiki: ... 0RGVEJxY2c
Forums: ... FA3RndGUlk