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Postby Prekovy » Wed Aug 21, 2019 1:53 am

A letter addressed to Kinsho’on, thirteenth and current Roshi of Taihei Tengoku, from a Prekovar presumed to be the Gospodár, Michal Havlíček.

There is a tendency in our countries to scrutinize what is Praetonian, and most of all the religion which constitutes their people. For all the attention the subject is given, the identity of the Praetonian religion is elusive. This is perhaps due to the mysticism with which the subject is treated in Praetonia. A Praetonian’s description of his religion is always peppered with phrases like: “the word does not exist in your language,” and “the subjunctive tense must be taken here.” I will explain it in simpler terms.

Providentialism holds, first, that whatever happens is ordained by Providence, and second, that no one can change what Providence ordains. Once a man accepts Providentialism, he needn't consider whether his actions are "right" or "wrong.” Providence is what it is, and the universe will judge his actions exactly as Providence ordains.

To seek his morality, the Providentialist must seek what Providence ordains. But the truth of the universe is so diffuse that even a powerful resolve to find it will yield inconsistent results. A lucky few might stumble on the same truths as their friends and family; but hardly enough to constitute a race.

So we must be suspicious when an entire people, with a coherent sense of itself, claims Providentialism as its creed. We wonder how so many could consistently uncover the same truth. We first think – perhaps a common method of seeking truth inheres in Providentialism, and leads Providentialists to reach common answers. One need only consider the last decade on the Questarian subcontinent to see the ignorance of that position. Providentialism does not supply a method for finding the truth; only an assurance that the truth exists. Then we wonder – are these people tipping the scale? Is their morality the product of something other than an honest search for truth?

Like all peoples, Praetannics are really constituted by their race-vitality (животъ); that is, their tendency to act in concert as a race, in the interests of their race. Only their race-vitality could press them to spontaneously derive the same truth from the universe – the common Praetannic morality – and to sustain this truth across their entire race. It is small wonder that the Providential faith appeals only to members of that race, and exists in a mongrelized form elsewhere. The Praetannic mind uses Providentialism to justify arriving at the morality that it is race-destined (сѫдьба) to adopt.

It amazes that the Praetannic mind must twist and turn to justify itself. In this sense, Providentialism reveals the timidity of the Praetannic животъ. The Praetannic mind accepts that the direction of the universe could be independent from the direction of his race (although the Praetannic would exclaim – “I believe they converge!” while taking a sojourn to a quiet place to consider). The Praetannic would like to survive – but he admits that the matter is out of his hands.

The Prekovar knows that Oswin will never stop being a Prekovar. The Taihei knows that the Indestructible Diamond Path will never become destructible. As the coming struggle places greater and greater pressure on our three races, those with the weakest животъ will buckle first.

Slavonic Oswinism is the open worship of the Prekovar животъ, being concerned with texts that espouse our race-destiny (viz. the Verses and the Priska Pravda). It is the natural refuge of the Prekovar mind, being unflinchingly dedicated to triumph over the other races of the world – which it has largely achieved in its own space. God Worship is the conceptual union of what is good with what is Taihei, and it has proven its жвавість [race-destiny-ness] in the transformation of the Yamato these past three decades. Both faiths are testament to the powerful and self-assured race-vitality of the Prekovar and the Yamato.

In my country, Providentialism is sometimes likened to the old Imoni faith of the Uzurs. The faith was so degenerate that to know anything of it was to know the racial weakness of the Uzurs. They had no vitality, but still they persisted for forty thousand years, because the Tarov Mountains isolated them from the rival races of the world.

I do not mean to suggest that Praetannics are weak like the Uzurs. That would be a dangerous thing to believe. But I do wonder why Praetannics tend to survive only where they are shielded by great natural barriers, and further, why only the subraces possessing much stronger race-vitality (the Cockay subrace comes to mind immediately) seem to survive when openly confronted by their enemies.

My friend, the barriers that shield the Praetannic homeland erode more every day. I wonder how long the Praetannic race can sustain itself, and I admit that no question occupies me more at the moment.

Greatest health and success in southern Crataea.
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Re: Correspondence

Postby satilisu » Wed Sep 11, 2019 2:55 am

A reply, addressed from the Heian Forbidden City

I thank you for your correspondence. Long have I pondered about the Praetannic. Our current trouble with Malaya can be traced to the instigation of Praetonia, and a single Praetannic in particular. Indeed, when one investigates the world's troubles sooner or later he finds a Sennish culprit. How is it that the six thousand millions of the world are so vexed by a race of scarce two hundred millions?

It is because of their great position? No: in all places the Praetannics are but several dozen ri from a continent which rightly despises them for their crimes. Is it because of their great wealth? No: in Wallasea and Arterus there exist races of equal wealth and sophistication. I will explain the true reason by digression.

Prekovy is defined by its race energy. It has its center and radiates until it reaches its frontier, either by geometric dissipation or intersecting another race-energy. Where its race energy ends, Prekovy ends, and so does Prekovar civilization. In Yamatai there is the 天下, the "All Under Heaven." In the modern day such a phrase sounds arrogant beyond compare--how can such a backwards land think it is the only one chosen by God? But in the past when Yamatai knew not of the north, beyond its limits were petty kings and savage tribes. The 天下 Where the 天下 ended, so too, did civilization.

But what of the so-called Commonwealth? Its civilization stops far before its armies do. In Questers a mere fraction of the realm is under its 天下, the rest is suppressed by force or aligns out of convenience. In Dairen the only law is force, and the province only belongs to their Law because half and one of the bandit leaders have pledged fealty to it. In any case, the "Common Wealth" is anything but common.

Even if one were to regard only the whites of the Praetannic hegemony--for it is they who gain above all--one is left baffled. So-called Cockaygne, scarce one hundred ri and twelve generations from Haversham, has arguably separated into its own race. The white colonies of Questers, North Point, and even the west and east of their island have no singular direction nor purpose, that is, until the command is given, and suddenly all these disparate sub-races work as if they had been drilled since birth.

Who are these masters? The Lord-Protector, or precisely the staff cabal, of the General Estates count among them, but are not their entirety. They are also the clerks of the great courts, the actuaries of Oryontic Assurance, the executive board of Wentworth and MacMillan. The puppet-strings of a half billion converge in these few hands, working in nondescript buildings of vital importance across their 天下.

It is they, the occult masters of Senland, who are the real strength of their race. All of Praetannic culture, their dissimulation, their guile-religion, directs all power to these masters, who enjoy an arbitrary power far greater than Crataean despots. One must respect the agility at which the Sen moves from scheme to scheme, maneuvering orbits around a limpid world that believes things are merely as they seem.

But such was a stratagem of the past. When Senland was the only machine-empire in the world, they could impose their will as they wished on the more primitive races as they wished. But times have changed! Even the Motapp in his jungle abode has seen a micro-computer. The workshop of the world is not Senland or Varnia, but Prekovy. Questers, the hired thug of the Law, is outnumbered three to one by the Taihei and cannot bring itself to fully commit to our annihilation. Even they see the bloodless falsehood behind the protocols of the elders of Senland.

The old world is about to come to a close, its cosmic-historical cycle having run its course. We are at the dawn of the new world, and it is by our hands the world will be freed from the malign reign of Praetonia.

Best regards from the antipodes.

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