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Postby Fanta » Sat Nov 19, 2016 1:49 am

The Hollmann Strip
Kalamata-Motappaise Border Region
90km from Kolewezi

The banks of the Munene River seemed to sigh with the arrival of the rainy season; a total yet gradual transformation from the fifty thousand square miles of eternally shifting sands comprising the rest of Kalamataland came not soon enough. Cool, moist air drifting over the wide expanse of rocky, red soil brought with it a sense of change in the lives of those who called this remote section of the continent their home. For weeks, the fauna of the of the desert found only cruel mirages in place of water among the dried lake beds. Agony of hunger, thirst, and heat tried the patience of the pitiless animals on this anvil of the fiery sun. The promise of life giving rain was met with celebration across the villages and towns on both sides of the border, aside from a small one just within the Mottap foothills. This village is not found on any map, nor is it ever mentioned in overt conversation - it's simply known as The Devil's House.

To be continued.

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