Commonwealth rifles

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Commonwealth rifles

Postby Questers » Thu Jan 24, 2019 2:47 pm

The first small arm to be issued widely in all parts of the Oryontic commonwealth was the Pattern 1855 Walker rifle. This muzzle-loading musket-rifle was eventually converted to fire more reliable metallic cartridges in .577 calibre and became known as the Pattern 1867 Walker rifle (muzzle firing), or Walker rifle for short. This weapon had become obsolete by 1877, and was replaced with the infamous Pattern 1877 George rifle (breech firing), a single-shot, lever-actuated long rifle firing a modern, black-powder centre-fire cartridge in .577 calibre. These weapons were sent everywhere where Providentialists had a need to fortify themselves and became ubiquitous in both Questers and North Point and found service in Praetonia and Cockaygne. Examples of these 19th-century weapons exported as far afield as Axum can still be found today.

A Pattern 1855 Walker rifle.

In 1892, the Parker rifle was born. It was a modern bolt-action weapon firing a metallic, rimmed centrefire cartridge in what came to be known as .303 Oryontic (7.7x57mmR). The Parker rifle, Pattern 1, Breech Firing is one of the most well known and loved weapons in the Commonwealth and for the 60 years it was in active service became known in almost every household of the Commonwealth. It is still in service today in parts of Questers and Cockaygne and is widely owned by civil firearms enthusiasts across the Commonwealth.

The Parker rifle.

After the great war, research was made for the rimless version of the .303 Oryontic round, but not put into service, as many .303 rounds had already been made. The Scott gun, a light machine-gun brought into service in 1937, used the .303 rimmed round as well. Eventually, a use was found for the .303 rimless rifle; the Light Automatic Rifle, P53A1, Quick Firing, designed and built in North Point, revolutionised Commonwealth small arms by introducing a fully automatic battle rifle firing the rimless cartridge. This weapon was brought into service across the Commonwealth in 1955. It is still in service in Questers, North Point, and by reserve units of the Cockaygne Army.

The P53A1 QF LAR.

Praetonian rifle manufacturers introduced an even more revolutionary firearm, the bull-pup Carlyle rifle, officially the Carlyle rifle, Pattern 59, Rear magazine quick firing (RMQF). The rifle weighs 7.7lb and has a 24.5 inch barrel. Modern magazines carry 22 rounds. Modernised variants of this weapon are in service today with the yeomanry of the Estates and New Senland. The designers claimed that the smaller .280 Oryontic (7x43mm) was more controllable and allowed the fusilier to carry more ammunition into battle.

The P59 RMQF Carlyle rifle.

In 1964, Questers introduced the Roland rifle, P64A1, Quick Firing, also sometimes called the Roland carbine or the Quick-firing carbine. This gun used .280 Oryontic and was designed to be much cheaper and easier to maintain and operate than the Carlyle rifle. While it saw service in Hakara and still today, the weapon was found to be unreliable and many of those built were poor-quality makes, necessitated by the low price. The weapon is no longer manufactured. The Roland rifle weighs 7.5lb and has a 20 inch barrel. Modern magazines carry 22 rounds.

The P64 QF Roland rifle.

The last service rifle to be widely distributed is the Questarian-designed Sangera rifle, P95, Quick-firing. The Sangera rifle is designed to be easily maintained but also inexpensive. It fires the .280 Oryontic rifle and is the most common service rifle in the Questarian Yeomanry today. It is not widely operated outside of Questers. The rifle weighs 10.5lb and has an 18 inch barrel. Magazines carry 25 rounds.

The P95 QF Sangera rifle.
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